3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Squirt!

Girl wanting to orgasm with a squirtWell, I know that some guys have never heard of a girls squirt and some have never seen their girls squirt. Squirting for girls has also become something of a myth. But first, let’s start by telling you some facts about it. First nearly all girls can squirt. Secondly, a lot of girls have never squirted. If you can make a woman squirt then you would have satisfied her in bed she will wish for more of it again and again. She will tell her friends and you will become a sex magnet. She will never forget it. If you are looking for tips to make a girl squirt you are in the right place and congratulation for making that bold move. The tips below will make the process as easy as spelling the letters a, b, c, d.

1. Set up a Good Atmosphere
Keep in mind this that there is no girl who can squirt if something makes her uncomfortable even the slightest smell coming from your sheets if she is coming to your house, make it as clean as you can. Make everything clean! Start with your bedroom, go to the kitchen then to the bathroom. You can even change the bed sheets.

Make sure your lights are dim. You can try candles. Bright lights can make her feel uncomfortable especially if she thinks you are exploring her. Play a soft music. The idea here is to make her feel relaxed so that she can completely give in to your sexual advances.

2. Patience
The problem with most guys is impatience. We are always in a hurry to get our dicks out as soon as she lies on our bed. This is because nobody was taught how to do sex. All we did was that we got some wrong ideas from friends and some from watching porn. This is not the correct move. Take it slow. Take this time to massage her. Foreplay is very important it creates a sexual mood, before you dive into her pussy. Warm her up for sex you can kiss her and lick all her body. The idea at this stage is to make you gain access to her deep sexuality. It also helps to make her mind to be focused on the big event.

3. And During Sex
You can begin by fingering her then you can pull her into a position where you can demonstrate your strengths. Ladies love a guy who takes control. Maintain eye contact during sex. Women like it this way. It can actually make a woman wet. Do not forget to give her dirty compliments. They turn a girl on and makes her feel like you are really enjoying the sex. Compliment specific positive things about her so that you can make her wet quickly. Don’t forget, women love to be complimented. Be creative and come up with all possible sexy compliments you can about her.
Finally, you can also focus on her nipples periodically.
They look simple, don’t they? The power in these tips is so strong that we have to give you a warning. Please do not misuse this tips, you might end up attracting the wrong girls in your life.