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3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Squirt!

Girl wanting to orgasm with a squirtWell, I know that some guys have never heard of a girls squirt and some have never seen their girls squirt. Squirting for girls has also become something of a myth. But first, let’s start by telling you some facts about it. First nearly all girls can squirt. Secondly, a lot of girls have never squirted. If you can make a woman squirt then you would have satisfied her in bed she will wish for more of it again and again. She will tell her friends and you will become a sex magnet. She will never forget it. If you are looking for tips to make a girl squirt you are in the right place and congratulation for making that bold move. The tips below will make the process as easy as spelling the letters a, b, c, d.

1. Set up a Good Atmosphere
Keep in mind this that there is no girl who can squirt if something makes her uncomfortable even the slightest smell coming from your sheets if she is coming to your house, make it as clean as you can. Make everything clean! Start with your bedroom, go to the kitchen then to the bathroom. You can even change the bed sheets.

Make sure your lights are dim. You can try candles. Bright lights can make her feel uncomfortable especially if she thinks you are exploring her. Play a soft music. The idea here is to make her feel relaxed so that she can completely give in to your sexual advances.

2. Patience
The problem with most guys is impatience. We are always in a hurry to get our dicks out as soon as she lies on our bed. This is because nobody was taught how to do sex. All we did was that we got some wrong ideas from friends and some from watching porn. This is not the correct move. Take it slow. Take this time to massage her. Foreplay is very important it creates a sexual mood, before you dive into her pussy. Warm her up for sex you can kiss her and lick all her body. The idea at this stage is to make you gain access to her deep sexuality. It also helps to make her mind to be focused on the big event.

3. And During Sex
You can begin by fingering her then you can pull her into a position where you can demonstrate your strengths. Ladies love a guy who takes control. Maintain eye contact during sex. Women like it this way. It can actually make a woman wet. Do not forget to give her dirty compliments. They turn a girl on and makes her feel like you are really enjoying the sex. Compliment specific positive things about her so that you can make her wet quickly. Don’t forget, women love to be complimented. Be creative and come up with all possible sexy compliments you can about her.
Finally, you can also focus on her nipples periodically.
They look simple, don’t they? The power in these tips is so strong that we have to give you a warning. Please do not misuse this tips, you might end up attracting the wrong girls in your life.

Awesome Tricks to a Healthy and Tasteful Cum

Cinnamon Makes IT Taste Great!Naturally, cum is slightly warm and tastes a little salty. However, some people describe it as either tasteless or slightly sweet. Cum may be excessively salty in some people while bitter in others. It is necessary to know that cum contains nutrients such as fructose, proteins, vitamins, and sodium among others. Although research has not proven why cum tastes different among people, the difference in what they eat speaks volumes. Therefore, to make your cum taste better, you should consume the following foods.

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Cinnamon is a spice obtained from tree species of the family Cinnamon. It is an alkaline spice and has the ability to neutralize acids in the vagina thus improving its taste. It is also antibiotic and therefore has the ability to treat yeast infections among women and thus making their cum taste sweet and have minimal odor. In men, it makes their semen taste good because of its alkalinity which minimizes the saltiness of semen.


Celery is a vegetable that has long fibrous stalks tapering into leaves. It is rich in water and vitamin C. Among women, it has the ability to reduce bitter tastes and restoring vaginal bacteria thus promoting healthiness in the vagina. Additionally, it has diuretic properties that stimulate urination once consumed. This leads to the prevention of urinary tract infections in women thus improving the health of the urinary tract. This adds up to better taste and smell of the cum. Celery also has high contents of chlorophyll, which is believed to make your jizz sweet and tasty so she will never forget.


Yogurt has the ability to neutralize the taste of the vagina. Eating yogurt each day adds probiotics to the body which help to balance the health of good bacteria in the vagina. This helps to minimize bad odor and bad taste. However, it should not be consumed regularly or in large quantities by men because it spoils the taste of semen especially due to its high quantity of dairy fat.


Cranberries are rich in vitamin E and K, juice copper and pantothenic acid. Drinking cranberry juice increases acidity in the body which balances the alkaline levels of semen. This leads to the reduction of the saltiness of semen making it sweeter.

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Pineapples, just like oranges and grapefruits help to balance PH in the vagina because of their alkalinity and add sweetness to the cum. Among men, eating pineapples or drinking pineapple juice sweetens the semen. Other foods include parsley, wheatgrass, blueberries, plums, and lemon which are rich in natural sugars.

Apart from the foods mentioned above, it is important to drink water frequently since it helps in detoxifying the body. This leads to the production of healthy semen and vaginal fluids which have less odor and better taste. It is also important to avoid red meat because of its salty taste, fish, onions because of their strong smell and junk food because it has many chemicals and preservatives which lead to bacterial imbalance and pollution of the body. Having regular checkups is also recommended in order to treat any illnesses that may spoil the taste of cum.

4 Powerful Techniques To Finger A Girl And Make Her Squirt

finger-a-girl-990095_640Truth be told; most women have no idea about how to orgasm; there are those that just need a little nudging to attain orgasmic heights, then there are those ladies who can squirt their juices just about everywhere. Although it is easy to assume that all women are capable of achieving such sexual pleasure, a good number of men do not subscribe to this school of thought. Thankfully, with a few fingering tricks, men can have their girls asking for more and more of it. So for men who don’t know anything about fingering a girl, here are easy and powerful tips to finger your girl and make her squirt.


First things first, think of this process as an art. You might want to take all of your time and make sure you get it right. After all, who wouldn’t want the end-results to be explosive? Make sure you nails are short and well-groomed. The aim here is to have your girl enjoy herself just like she would with your manhood. For most women, fingering is even more intimate than intercourse. Make sure your partner feel safe and intimate with you before you finger her. In short, you must create a sense of trust and intimacy. It cannot get better than that.

Make Her Ready

Secondly, this is one of the most important things, but is often ignored by most men. Other than just fingering her, make sure you give other parts of her body great attention. Not only will this make her wet, but also relax her and anticipate more and more better moments to come. Kiss her and fondle others areas below her waist. It is a very bad idea to use vaginal stimulation before your girl is wet. You need her wet because you are going to use her wetness as lubrication.

Slide Your Magic Finger

Thirdly, when she is ready for you, you will know; insert your magic finger into her vagina and tease her with it; do not stick everything in. Do this for a couple of minutes until you notice she wants wants more of your finger in. It does not stop there; once you notice she needs more, gently slide your finger as deep as possible. Continue doing this as you rotate your magic finger. While doing this, slow your movement and speed them up all of a sudden. This alone will drive her crazy.

Create a Conversation

When you notice she is starting to loosen up and her body becomes less tense, it is now time to bring in more fingers. Insert as many fingers without hurting her. Your ultimate goal is to make her enjoy and not to hurt her. Plus, talk to her throughout the process. She wants to learn and get to know how great her body feels to you. It is after all this that depending on whether you want to go on or you just want your girl to reach the peak of sexual pleasure and squirt, at this point, it is all up to you. So hold your finger as you do the trick; you don’t just want to stop in right in the middle of this magical moment.

Why Women Love a Full Load of Semen?

full-cum-871445_640Sex is a two way street that should guarantee the satisfaction of both partners in coital pleasure. Men take great pride in the satisfaction achieved in shooting a full load into a woman’s intimate parts. Similarly, the same is true for most naughty frisky women who get aroused and excited by their man’s capacity to shoot a full load into them. Naturally, a man’s full load is a major arousal for any kinky woman. Sometimes, some women may love to see the load land on any part of their body the face, the breasts, just above their intimate erogenous zone or inside them. Essentially, it is dependent on the level of intimacy that a couple shares. This article will look into the fascination that most women have with their man shooting a full load.

Carnal Pleasure

It is visually arousing when a woman watches a man spray a full load across her breast or her face due to some debase and carnal pleasure that the experience provides. It also applies when a guy shoots a major load inside a woman as a woman is assured that the man is pleasured by the sexual experience. Naturally, this shows the woman that the man is virile, manly and pleasure by her company. Additionally, as women prefer giving details about their intimate moments, it may be something for the woman to brag about to her friends.

Pleasure-Inducing Hormones

Scientific American published an article that proved that there was a correlation between the happiness of a woman and her exposure to semen. Some pleasure-inducing hormones are absorbed into the vaginal walls and give a woman great pleasure. They include serotonin, cortisol, prolactin, and estrogen. These hormones are best experienced when the load that a man shoots into the woman is explosive and full. You may wonder why some women are all cheerful and happy after a night of sensual, explosive, and orgasmic sex. Well, the reason is the hormones provided by a full load of semen shot into their intimate parts during orgasm.

Visual Arousal and Sexual Satisfaction

For some women, there is a visual arousal that comes from a seeing a man come after fellatio or a blowjob. Naturally, it proves to her that her efforts at arousing her man achieved results. Nonetheless, you may not want to spray your come on the face of that person you consider special to you. It is important for the woman to tell her man if she is okay with it. In case she is not, it is always good if you pump her insides with the load of semen, as she will experience arousal when her vaginal walls absorb the hormones mentioned before.

Oral Ingestion

This is yet to be experimented; however, serotonin has antidepressant effects and it would be assumed that oral ingestion of a load of semen would bring the same effects. Therefore, the issue of oral ingestion and the possibility of an anti depressant effect need more research.

Sign of a Man’s Virility and Health

The quality and quantity of a man’s semen shows a woman that her man is healthy. When a man has quality semen, a full load will be warm, luscious, and thick and have a lovely smell. However, when the semen has poor quality, it will not be thick and may not smell good. Additionally, the quality also portrays to a woman how masculine her man is. The more powerful the ejaculation into her intimate parts, the more a woman will consider her man masculine compared to other men. This augurs well for both the man and the woman.

In conclusion, women do enjoy a full load and tasting her man’s load makes her more aroused. The article has shown that there are a number of reasons why women do enjoy a man who shoots a full load. Therefore, in case a man has low quality semen, it is imperative that they find ways to improve the quality of their semen in order to improve the quality of their sex life.

Ways to Suck Your Girl and Make Her Come

There are young ladies who discover it moderately simple to achieve climax and even discharge and some different ones would be looking for an extraordinary assistance from your side with a specific end goal to encounter a definitive joy in sex. Then again, you would find such young ladies who appreciate an entirely dynamic sexual nature that they may cover all of you over under their delectable squirt.


Amid sex numerous young ladies discharge some kind of liquid that a few individuals botch for pee as it is shot out from the extremely same territory. Consequently, on the off chance that your accomplice thinks that its difficult to hold it when contacting her climax, then hope to be given her warm shots amid her discharge.

Try not to go ballistic when you see this or locate your entire body wet with her liquids. Ladies feel that they have to pee when they are going to achieve climax and attempting to control it would just keep her from cumming, so when young ladies discharge that control they wind up squirting everywhere. Try not to limit her and don’t get furious as that may inspire her to maintain a strategic distance from it next time.

Abandoning her absolutely unhindered ought to in the end show her how to do it right. Keep in mind that taking the full control of her body may lead you to overwhelm the way she responds and that may remain as a deterrent in the middle of her and sheer sexual joy. You ought to first be 100% certain that your accomplice appreciates what you are doing to her. On the off chance that you are totally certain, then kick back and appreciate this article that will let you know precisely what you have to do.


A considerable measure of ladies can achieve their climax when their clitorises are excited and stroked amid sex, while some different young ladies would discover foreplay like licking and sucking areolas significantly more entertaining. Be that as it may, the one system that ensures a lady to achieve climax is to have her G-spot excited with the fingers of her man.

By concentrating on her G-spot, she would shower you in seconds. Essentially, playing with the G-spot right from the beginning won’t be the best thought, however it would be extraordinary when you start with delicately stroking her body then rubbing her clit in order to give her an opportunity to get much wetter. When you are certain she is sufficiently wet, have a go at entering her with one then two fingers while sucking and rubbing her pussy out in the meantime if conceivable.

Only several centimeters profound and you would contact her G-detect that feels like a bit of tissue. By caressing relentless that part it would get somewhat harder to touch. By gently pushing on her lower a portion of her midsection with your free hand, this ought to mean the joy she feels.

At the point when your accomplice concedes that she trusts she needs to pee, advise her that this can’t happen and that it is better for her to unwind her muscles. On the off chance that she decides to control it, raise some cheering line, for example, “I would love to have your juices all over me.”

Exactly when she is going to shoot be prepared to get a warm shower of her reasonable liquids or simply small squirting. Whether either it’s absolutely regular while the amount could be little or huge, in both cases be prepared to clean the chaos.

Directly after she achieves climax, your young lady may require a couple of minutes away to unwind her clitoris that would regularly feel tender to your touch subsequent to shooting. Subsequently, attempt to maintain a strategic distance from her till she gives you an indication of endorsement to approach her once more.


Getting your young lady to achieve the sheer joy of squirting is difficult as it appears. It needs time, consolation, experience and the way you approach her. Likewise, you can take a stab at exciting distinctive ranges of her body when you begin infiltrating her.

Take a stab at getting her in a casual position like when she is resting on her back while you utilize two fingers inside her to excite the G-spot. You can likewise, let your free hand and tongue touch her areolas. At the point when remaining on her knees, embed once your fingers and different times your penis.

For the most part, young ladies should be infiltrated keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to achieve their climaxes. Henceforth, you can just lay her on her in a position where entering her eventual simple. You ought not then do some other thing but rather moving forward and backward inside her.

In the event that these strategies don’t work, resort to a sex toy that can stir your accomplice more to shoot out and squirt.


You ought to realize that all young ladies can get to the best purpose of delight, so it is your whole employment to continue consoling her amid sex so that she could give up, unwind and have a good time more.