David Wong Experience

He was born to be a dreamer and is living the good life as a photographer in San Francisco. David Wong has been working as a full time photojournalist since 2005, and plans to take over the Bay Area.

David began his journey as a photographer in 1999. His first camera was not the greatest but it was nevertheless good enough to get him into the field. As time progressed, the aspiring photographer turned his hobby into a career and shot his first wedding in 2003. Ever since then, Wong has strived to be the best in his field.

David Wong weddings are definitely not like other ceremonies. This photojournalist knows when to be involved and when to sit back and relax during events. Mr. Wong specializes in documentation as well as emotion shots. Beauty shots are also important as no bride and groom should end their special day without a few glamorous pictures to show family members and friends who could not attend their event.

There is also no such thing as slacking at David Wong weddings. This photographer knows the meaning of hard work and gives every couple the full value of their money. He may not be asking for a picture at every waking second, but David will be available to capture priceless moments at ceremonies and receptions.

David Wong is a graduate of UC Berkeley and is constantly searching for ways to better his craft. Clients can expect to receive the latest techniques upon hiring this professional.

Wong is an aspiring novelist who plans to release a comic book in coming months or years. He also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, which adds diversity to his resume. David’s upbringing in San Francisco’s Chinatown makes him a native of the city and, subsequently, one who knows the ins and outs of the town.

In being familiar with the city, David can suggest tourist attractions to guests from out of town. This is an added incentive that many photographers cannot offer. David Wong Weddings are the ideal choice for those who want more than an average photographer. He has traveled the world and showcased his craft in places such as Germany, France and Japan. Even with all of his experience, David never neglects to prepare as he believes that it is the key to success. This photojournalist is the cream of the crop and more than capable of handling the largest and smallest weddings around.