Keeping Up in Bed

hot girl wants moreMaking love is one of the main ingredients in sustaining a relationship. It spices our lives with the excitement and satisfaction it gives. The act gives-pleasure, deeper connection, simultaneous exploration, and oneness.

Do you have what it takes to have a prolong lovemaking? You learn more about yourself and your partner while regularly making love. The rapport and your expressions with each other develop into a deeper meaning.

Both sexes want to please and satisfy their partners. The ultimate goal is to both reach your climax. But making love can be more satisfying if both of you can keep up with each other in bed.

These are some proven techniques to help you last longer in bed

Keeping Fit – Being in tip-top condition gives you an edge in sustaining yourself in bed longer. Stay healthy and fit. Avoidance of vices can help both sexes enjoy sex longer. A change in lifestyle is greatly advisable. Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Exercising can help you boost your stamina. You can workout at the gym together. Be conscious of your diet. A well- planned and balanced meals can make you healthier.

A lot of Foreplay and Teasing – Foreplay is the first step to intimacy. Practice a lot of foreplay. Give each other a lot of time for arousal and fun play. Initiate a lot of teasing and touching before the intercourse. Take it slow and gentle to prepare both your mind and bodies for the culmination of your climax.

Take time to stimulate each other. Verbally tell each other what you both want. This will increase the level of excitement and new techniques in satisfying each other can come to play.

Creative and New Sexual Positions – Try new and exciting positions. Experiment with new Sexual routines. Make it different from the last time you made love. Change positions as much as possible. Discover the best position that works best for you.

There certain techniques that are practiced – the squeeze technique wherein the man’s organ is squeezed to delay his coming, push and pause variation to delay climax and edging for a woman. This is where oral stimulation and fingering takes place aside from the push and pause method.

Taking little breaks from time to time to recover lost energy. Good breathing is also needed to prolong the lovemaking. Some of the adventures types do role-playing and sex toys to add variety to their lovemaking.

These techniques have been proven to prolong making love. Aside from all these – Communication is very important. Talk and be open to one another for your physical needs. This will enable each other to know what is needed to make lovemaking fulfilling and a mind- blowing experience.

Get to know your partner on a deep level. This will make you comfortable and in-sync with each other. Be natural and at ease with your partner. Don’t be tense and full of anxiety. This will reflect in your behavior in bed.

Focus and be in the moment. Don’t think of unfavorable and negative stuff while making love. This will hinder you from being satisfied to the fullest. Too many clouds in your mind can’t help you achieve full sexual orgasm.

Make sure both of you are having a pleasurable time! After all, making love is a joint act. You are a team!