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Photographies by David Wong

Weddings are something great and special to a couple and so should be given the importance that they deserve. It is a short time event as it occurs just once in a lifetime, but very important to a couple. Understanding their worth, David takes them as special too. He loves to meet great people; he gets the opportunity to tour all around the states and likes making art a reality. The smiles and memory created during this ceremony is what drives him. In short, he smiles to see other people looking happy and having fun while he is part of it.

David Wong weddings involve some different packages that are made for special needs for different couples depending on the desire and affordability of the couple. For example, the standard package involves online gallery, whole day coverage by David, 30-sided customized magazine album and digital negatives. There is also the premium package that is an advanced standard package. In this package, as a couple, you dictate the service you feel suites your event. You can decide on the number of days you want to receive the service. You can also extend the event to honeymoon and David will be more than willing to accompany you and make your happiness during this season a thing to remember.

During the wedding event, David Wong does not consider himself as a photojournalist, but is always part of your day, your special wedding. He will always be around you, of course when you need him. During special times, like when you feel to insert two fingers inside your girl’s pussy and do a come to me movement, David will always excuse you. He will hang back during key areas like speeches, ceremony as well as photo taking session. He manages to make your day special by creating a big album with regard to your needs and preferences. Be assured that working with David Wong is working with a professional.

David considers his work as a true story to tell, not by words, but through his pictures. When you set an eye at his picture, you always understand why each individual piece is good enough to create a story. He captures your moments with action, making his pictures so special to many. David is an expert in picturing marriages, making memorable and special moments from the event. He makes sure he includes those emotional shots, beautiful shots, your dress as well as hugging and kissing portraits. With David Wong, wide ranges of opportunities will be offered to you.

Experience is paramount to the area, and certainly that is what David will offer to you as he has years of working as a wedding photographer. This has made him a better photographer especially in the field of weddings and so if you need a photographer with the required experience, your best choice to have is David.

Together with his friend Gregory, a business partner who accompanies him to weddings, they have a studio in which they work. So, if you are planning to have your wedding soon, you can fill out a contact form on the website and set up a meeting with them.