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Awesome Tricks to a Healthy and Tasteful Cum

Cinnamon Makes IT Taste Great!Naturally, cum is slightly warm and tastes a little salty. However, some people describe it as either tasteless or slightly sweet. Cum may be excessively salty in some people while bitter in others. It is necessary to know that cum contains nutrients such as fructose, proteins, vitamins, and sodium among others. Although research has not proven why cum tastes different among people, the difference in what they eat speaks volumes. Therefore, to make your cum taste better, you should consume the following foods.

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Cinnamon is a spice obtained from tree species of the family Cinnamon. It is an alkaline spice and has the ability to neutralize acids in the vagina thus improving its taste. It is also antibiotic and therefore has the ability to treat yeast infections among women and thus making their cum taste sweet and have minimal odor. In men, it makes their semen taste good because of its alkalinity which minimizes the saltiness of semen.


Celery is a vegetable that has long fibrous stalks tapering into leaves. It is rich in water and vitamin C. Among women, it has the ability to reduce bitter tastes and restoring vaginal bacteria thus promoting healthiness in the vagina. Additionally, it has diuretic properties that stimulate urination once consumed. This leads to the prevention of urinary tract infections in women thus improving the health of the urinary tract. This adds up to better taste and smell of the cum. Celery also has high contents of chlorophyll, which is believed to make your jizz sweet and tasty so she will never forget.


Yogurt has the ability to neutralize the taste of the vagina. Eating yogurt each day adds probiotics to the body which help to balance the health of good bacteria in the vagina. This helps to minimize bad odor and bad taste. However, it should not be consumed regularly or in large quantities by men because it spoils the taste of semen especially due to its high quantity of dairy fat.


Cranberries are rich in vitamin E and K, juice copper and pantothenic acid. Drinking cranberry juice increases acidity in the body which balances the alkaline levels of semen. This leads to the reduction of the saltiness of semen making it sweeter.

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Pineapples, just like oranges and grapefruits help to balance PH in the vagina because of their alkalinity and add sweetness to the cum. Among men, eating pineapples or drinking pineapple juice sweetens the semen. Other foods include parsley, wheatgrass, blueberries, plums, and lemon which are rich in natural sugars.

Apart from the foods mentioned above, it is important to drink water frequently since it helps in detoxifying the body. This leads to the production of healthy semen and vaginal fluids which have less odor and better taste. It is also important to avoid red meat because of its salty taste, fish, onions because of their strong smell and junk food because it has many chemicals and preservatives which lead to bacterial imbalance and pollution of the body. Having regular checkups is also recommended in order to treat any illnesses that may spoil the taste of cum.