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Why Women Love a Full Load of Semen?

full-cum-871445_640Sex is a two way street that should guarantee the satisfaction of both partners in coital pleasure. Men take great pride in the satisfaction achieved in shooting a full load into a woman’s intimate parts. Similarly, the same is true for most naughty frisky women who get aroused and excited by their man’s capacity to shoot a full load into them. Naturally, a man’s full load is a major arousal for any kinky woman. Sometimes, some women may love to see the load land on any part of their body the face, the breasts, just above their intimate erogenous zone or inside them. Essentially, it is dependent on the level of intimacy that a couple shares. This article will look into the fascination that most women have with their man shooting a full load.

Carnal Pleasure

It is visually arousing when a woman watches a man spray a full load across her breast or her face due to some debase and carnal pleasure that the experience provides. It also applies when a guy shoots a major load inside a woman as a woman is assured that the man is pleasured by the sexual experience. Naturally, this shows the woman that the man is virile, manly and pleasure by her company. Additionally, as women prefer giving details about their intimate moments, it may be something for the woman to brag about to her friends.

Pleasure-Inducing Hormones

Scientific American published an article that proved that there was a correlation between the happiness of a woman and her exposure to semen. Some pleasure-inducing hormones are absorbed into the vaginal walls and give a woman great pleasure. They include serotonin, cortisol, prolactin, and estrogen. These hormones are best experienced when the load that a man shoots into the woman is explosive and full. You may wonder why some women are all cheerful and happy after a night of sensual, explosive, and orgasmic sex. Well, the reason is the hormones provided by a full load of semen shot into their intimate parts during orgasm.

Visual Arousal and Sexual Satisfaction

For some women, there is a visual arousal that comes from a seeing a man come after fellatio or a blowjob. Naturally, it proves to her that her efforts at arousing her man achieved results. Nonetheless, you may not want to spray your come on the face of that person you consider special to you. It is important for the woman to tell her man if she is okay with it. In case she is not, it is always good if you pump her insides with the load of semen, as she will experience arousal when her vaginal walls absorb the hormones mentioned before.

Oral Ingestion

This is yet to be experimented; however, serotonin has antidepressant effects and it would be assumed that oral ingestion of a load of semen would bring the same effects. Therefore, the issue of oral ingestion and the possibility of an anti depressant effect need more research.

Sign of a Man’s Virility and Health

The quality and quantity of a man’s semen shows a woman that her man is healthy. When a man has quality semen, a full load will be warm, luscious, and thick and have a lovely smell. However, when the semen has poor quality, it will not be thick and may not smell good. Additionally, the quality also portrays to a woman how masculine her man is. The more powerful the ejaculation into her intimate parts, the more a woman will consider her man masculine compared to other men. This augurs well for both the man and the woman.

In conclusion, women do enjoy a full load and tasting her man’s load makes her more aroused. The article has shown that there are a number of reasons why women do enjoy a man who shoots a full load. Therefore, in case a man has low quality semen, it is imperative that they find ways to improve the quality of their semen in order to improve the quality of their sex life.