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4 Powerful Techniques To Finger A Girl And Make Her Squirt

finger-a-girl-990095_640Truth be told; most women have no idea about how to orgasm; there are those that just need a little nudging to attain orgasmic heights, then there are those ladies who can squirt their juices just about everywhere. Although it is easy to assume that all women are capable of achieving such sexual pleasure, a good number of men do not subscribe to this school of thought. Thankfully, with a few fingering tricks, men can have their girls asking for more and more of it. So for men who don’t know anything about fingering a girl, here are easy and powerful tips to finger your girl and make her squirt.


First things first, think of this process as an art. You might want to take all of your time and make sure you get it right. After all, who wouldn’t want the end-results to be explosive? Make sure you nails are short and well-groomed. The aim here is to have your girl enjoy herself just like she would with your manhood. For most women, fingering is even more intimate than intercourse. Make sure your partner feel safe and intimate with you before you finger her. In short, you must create a sense of trust and intimacy. It cannot get better than that.

Make Her Ready

Secondly, this is one of the most important things, but is often ignored by most men. Other than just fingering her, make sure you give other parts of her body great attention. Not only will this make her wet, but also relax her and anticipate more and more better moments to come. Kiss her and fondle others areas below her waist. It is a very bad idea to use vaginal stimulation before your girl is wet. You need her wet because you are going to use her wetness as lubrication.

Slide Your Magic Finger

Thirdly, when she is ready for you, you will know; insert your magic finger into her vagina and tease her with it; do not stick everything in. Do this for a couple of minutes until you notice she wants wants more of your finger in. It does not stop there; once you notice she needs more, gently slide your finger as deep as possible. Continue doing this as you rotate your magic finger. While doing this, slow your movement and speed them up all of a sudden. This alone will drive her crazy.

Create a Conversation

When you notice she is starting to loosen up and her body becomes less tense, it is now time to bring in more fingers. Insert as many fingers without hurting her. Your ultimate goal is to make her enjoy and not to hurt her. Plus, talk to her throughout the process. She wants to learn and get to know how great her body feels to you. It is after all this that depending on whether you want to go on or you just want your girl to reach the peak of sexual pleasure and squirt, at this point, it is all up to you. So hold your finger as you do the trick; you don’t just want to stop in right in the middle of this magical moment.